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Nothing stays in your Inbox

Think of your inbox as a holding space where email is waiting to be sorted. Nothing stays there. Set a goal to process emails daily.

If you want to start fresh right now, just archive all your current emails. You can always find them again by searching or going to "All Mail".

Sort then label to make things easier

Start by enabling priority inbox to sort your important emails automatically. This way you'll see them first.

To help manage your default inbox - categorize. I suggest only creating a few labels to make it easier like "Pending", "Need" and "Want".

Find joy by who, what, when, and where

You can search for photos by time, locations, or even by who or what is in them.

Include your old photos, too

Download the PhotoScan app by Google Photos and use it to save a digital copy of physical photos.

Safely store and find important files

Organizing your expanded storage doesn't require an extensive filing system. Google Drive makes searching simple so you can find your files when you need them.

You can use Google One's storage manager to help identify files that you may not need. Learn more

If you choose to say goodbye to some things, do it with gratitude. Turn on your "thank-you switch" as you sort through files. As long as you do that, joy is sure to follow.

Marie Kondo

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